All the Fashion baddies are rocking Cargo pants – Trend Alert

All the cool fashion girls are rocking these oversized drop waist cargo pants and the interesting this about the pants is that despite how bulky it is, it actually makes you appear slimmer, gives the illusion of thinner waist and hips. I am obsessed with it. Definitely not going to be showing any cleaves with mine, the holiday booze and chicken is still dealing me haha

Serously though Kimmy, What waist? *wailing*

I definitely see me styling mine this way, hey girl – @Highlowluxxe . Shop her cargo pant here

Dont know who she is but she is giving cool girl vibe with the bomber coat and boots styling , love it

Love that it also comes in different colours but ahem Lori Harvey, this level of tomed abs, arms etc has to be a crime now, oh wrong plsss –

Riri kept it simple and chic with a tank and pointy shoes – shop her cargo version – here

And finally if you like to style it like an Auntie, this is just perfect.

I have linked some affordable versions below

  1. here
  2. Love Love this one here
  3. Damn these ones here are so classy and affordable from H&M

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