The village people are at it again but God pass devil! I am sorry I haven’t posted anything in a bit, I honestly don’t know what is wrong with this particular post but I swear I have spent three nights now writing and typing full pages of some deep chat on motherhood and every damn time, it doesn’t save and I end up loosing the whole damn thing, I cant find it anywhere, it just simply disappears, I don’t understand what is going on and in frustration, anger and exhaustion  as I only update my blog at the night  when the girls are sleeping coz then I can collect my thoughts better without any interference whatsoever. My edits are just not saving , I have no idea why, I am going to make sure I copy this edit before I hit the publish button this night because I honestly don’t know whats going to upload. I was going to chat about motherhood and the need to mind the way we address our children, to build them up, not tear them down but men that is going to have to be a topic for another day because I cant fit again tonight.

Today lets talk about never giving up! Take break, re strategize , draw up a new plan but do not quit especially if its something you are really passionate about, remember that quitters never win and winners never quit! 

I loved this picture of me and the girls, we got back from school runs the other day, I still had my filming lights out so I mount the camera and we snapped away, I like how the photos turned out and so I thought id share with you all, also Zizi and I are matching in our faux fur jacket, are we twinning or whaaaa?

PS – I know that today’s post is really all over the place but honestly after the disappointment and and frustration of loosing three well thought out and well articulated piece, I’m done! And I really needed to put up a post this week so please bear with me, I will still write that post on Black moms and the way we address our children because I witnessed something recently that disturbed my peace and I think its something that we need to address. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, appreciate you all xx

Faux fur coat – Thrifted

Jeans – m&s

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Hey , I'm Nelo, a bit of an introvert, with a unique view of life, attracted to people with a strong sense of self, may not always agree with them but will always respect and admire individuality. I'm a millennial mom, love fashion, love to good on a budget and this space will be all about me, my style, my thoughts on trending topics and how I navigate my daily life as a full time mom. I hope you will enjoy coming on this journey with me by hitting that follow button.

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