Lesson learned from poop (Motherhood chronicles)

Hello there my lovely people, welcome back to my blog, I think for now I am going to be doing weekly updates on the blog, honestly I have so much content but no time to edit, write and post, life is moving mad and I just cant keep up.

The other day, it was almost bedtime for the girls, they had had their bath, changed into their pajamas, I was going to get them downstairs to have their drinks (milk), a tradition we started with Nonye and now Zizi too cant do without it, they have their drinks, brush their teeth and its off to bed, when I heard that familiar foul smell, I was like Nooooo Zizi you didn’t , tell me you didn’t just poop, I was honestly not in the mood to clean up anybody’s poop , I just wanted to get them to bed and relax and do my own thing, like maybe edit a video for my YouTube.

Anyways after lamenting, I got down to clean her bum and then stepped out to throw the poop in the bin and OMG! I was humbled! I was speechless, I had goose pimples all over my body, A prayer left my lips involuntarily, I praised God, I thanked God for working in mysterious ways, for using that little inconvenience to avert what could have been (or not)a major disaster. I discovered that I had left the side gate to the house open and it wasn’t just that I didn’t lock the gate, I had left it AJAR, like anyone passing would obviously see that I had left it ajar, this has never happened to me before, I had never left that gate open before. I had opened the gate to take out the bins earlier that evening and forgot to lock it back up, I had never made this mistake before.

Let me tell you guys something, my daughter never poops after her bath time, she has a poop routine sort of and its usually in the morning which was why I was kind of surprised and lamenting when she pooped that night but honestly I am convinced it was God at work because how else would I have gone out? Nothing else would have made me gone out, we would have gone to bed with our side gate facing the main road ajar, who knew what that would have attracted that night?

My daughter pooping that night was a little inconvenience to me, I was even complaining you know , I was like “Yeah Zizi, you had to wait till I gave you a bath, changed you, to poop right?” But in the larger scheme of things, it was God’s way of getting me to go out and lock my gate, I still get goosies every time I remember that night, heck I’m tearing up right now even writing this because I am reminded of God’s love for me and how he looks out for and protects me and my children every single day. Basically what I am trying to articulate here is that some set backs, disappointments are blessings in disguise, it may not seem so at the moment its happening but for those of us who have our faith in God, trust that , that’s his way of protecting you from bigger costlier misfortunes.

Have you had any experience akin to what I described above? Please share I would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by xx.

Two piece suit – Zara

Boots - via TKMaxx UK

slip top – Primark

Bag – Vintage

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