Happy Holidays from Foo Foo Land

I’m still in hibernation fam but thought I’d raise my head a bit and come on here to wish you lot happy holidays . I’m in stupor, food and drink induced stupor aka Food land, I can’t imagine what my weight will be right now, I’m so scared to hop on that scale because I still wanna eat and enjoy my life and I know hopping on the scale will be such a rude awakening and ruin my appetite and I don’t want that honestly. After the first of January yeah, we will address the damages, I don’t care 😂.
Totally unrelated and very random but my second child was really trying to steal my piece but it seems I now have her under control, seriously if you follow me on insta, you will know I cherish the quiet, I’m always looking forward to putting the girls to bed and then relaxing and do my thing so imagine the horror when I would send the girls to bed and barely an hour after, my little girl Zizi will come sauntering down, she will keep crying until I come into bed to lie with her, this happened for about a week and I lost it! I put my foot down, took her back to bed and refused to lie with her, I sat on the bed and sternly asked her to go back to sleep, it took some time but I think we got things under wrap finally! I mean wharrisdis now? Can a mom not have her few hours of sanity again??? I hope sharing that I got it under wrap with you guys dont jinx it.

I posted this top on Instagram the other day and got so many compliments on it, it’s my design, I launched a Christmas outfit collection and this was part of it, the reception has been so good and I’m so grateful, it cost £25 and N7500 (in naira) so email me or dm me on insta – @nelosuji of interested. Available in size 6 – 16.

Pant – Vintage, pumps and shades – @zara

Published by nelo

Hey , I'm Nelo, a bit of an introvert, with a unique view of life, attracted to people with a strong sense of self, may not always agree with them but will always respect and admire individuality. I'm a millennial mom, love fashion, love to good on a budget and this space will be all about me, my style, my thoughts on trending topics and how I navigate my daily life as a full time mom. I hope you will enjoy coming on this journey with me by hitting that follow button.

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