THROWBACK – Overdressed Mum

Hello everyone, welcome to the new year, hope we are all good and still keeping to our resolutions, lol. Mine is to cut down on bread and try to eat more healthy generally, still struggling with that but never giving up, I have a bread addiction , lol. This picture is actually a throwback one , found it in my draft and decided to upload it today seeing as it is a throwback Thursday anyways. I wore this to school runs the other day and one of the mum legit asked me where I was going to or coming from as I cant be this all dressed for just school runs, lmao. I replied her that I wasn’t going anywhere but she insisted I was lying that this slay cant be just for school runs, I laughed it off and let it slide. I guess I am that mum who dresses up for school runs, lol. I love to make up and dress up just for me and that it, PERIOD! Funny thing on this day, I didn’t even think I was dressed up, I had my hair packed in a bun, I didn’t even lay my edges or none of those things, I simply had on a mini dress and a cheap ass boots I got from ego shoes.

This same day, I was at ASDA supermarket and this lady ran up to me to ask me where I got my fur coat from, sadly informed her it was thrifted, she was a bit disappointed, I got those jacket for £5 fam from a charity shop and I am obsessed with them, see why I didn’t feel the least bit dressed up?

Dress – HM (Old but saw something similar, same style but with a front zip , current season).

Fur Coat – Thrifted,

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Hey , I'm Nelo, a bit of an introvert, with a unique view of life, attracted to people with a strong sense of self, may not always agree with them but will always respect and admire individuality. I'm a millennial mom, love fashion, love to good on a budget and this space will be all about me, my style, my thoughts on trending topics and how I navigate my daily life as a full time mom. I hope you will enjoy coming on this journey with me by hitting that follow button.

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