On Happiness and Kindness

Today on our way back from school , my daughter was gisting me what happened at school, she told me of a friend of hers at school who was sad and how she tried to cheer him up , to make him happy but failed and I went straight into woke female hood, I went it’s not your job to make anyone happy, and she replied I was trying to be kind, he was sad. I was floored, how do you even combat such a retort? Anyways I still went ahead and informed her , her job is put her own happiness first and again she replied but mum I’m not sad! At this point I gave up! We will try and have this conversation another day, in another context because honestly kindness trumps everything so long as your kindness is being appreciated and not taken for granted! Or what do you guys think/suggest?

I’m wearing :

Knit dress – HM current season, scarf – @newlook old, pumps – @zara new season. Bag – Thrifted.

Published by nelo

Hey , I'm Nelo, a bit of an introvert, with a unique view of life, attracted to people with a strong sense of self, may not always agree with them but will always respect and admire individuality. I'm a millennial mom, love fashion, love to good on a budget and this space will be all about me, my style, my thoughts on trending topics and how I navigate my daily life as a full time mom. I hope you will enjoy coming on this journey with me by hitting that follow button.

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