A little kindness

So today I want to talk about kindness and showing kindness whenever you can to people around you especially those for whom there is nothing to be gained from such acts of kindness. As a mom living here in the Uk, commuting with public transport is a huge part of my life as I don’t drive and have to do school runs every single day, unfortunately for us the school we chose for my daughter, we wanted her to go to a catholic primary school is a bit far from where we live.

I’m always struggling with my stroller, sometimes you’re standing at the bus stop, the bus comes and you already have two strollers/buggy in it and you have the option to

a. Fold it which is always a lot of hassle as I have to get my daughter out, take out things from the stroller, for some reason, I always have loads of things stashed on and under my buggy


b. Wait for the next bus , sometimes waiting for the next bus is not an option especially when I’m on school runs, punctuality is a must here.

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My stroller is a portable one so sometimes, depending on the types of strollers/buggies in the bus, we may be able to fit in three , which now brings me to bus drivers and acts of kindness, I think the regulation demands two buggies for one ride, but those laws are not sacrosanct, where there is space, three can fit in alright without breaking the law however some drivers are so mean, they will tell you they already have two and you are going to have to fold your stroller to get on their bus, even when you try to let them know yo can fit in your stroller alright, they would insist they will only allow two so you must fold your buggy or vamoose while some drivers are so kind, they will inform you they got two already but you can come in and check and see if you can fit in, now whenever I meet drivers like these , I’m always just so touched and so thankful and you know it literally just makes my day and i think to myself, you know, to show kindness to another, to be kind to another person really takes nothing from you but rather fills the recipient up with joy, they bless you , they bless the universe , they share the happiness they feel with someone else and you know the world is a better place, lol.

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OK now lets talk about this fit, its double leather, they are both from Zara and the boots are from TK Maxx, they are my new find for shoes, I cant remember how much exactly i spent on these shoes but believe me they were definitely under £20, they are beautiful, i love them so much and always gets tons of compliments on them

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