Double Denim

In my style book, double denim is a style cheat, it’s easy to throw in and you don’t have to thin about it, you can tuck it in, full tuck, half tuck, you can tuck it out or even where it as a jacket like I have done below and it will still come out great. Grab you one today. The one I have on is a recent one from HM. Got them in stores but you can also find them online.
lol peep my girl there, she is always with me, this one, always wants to keep me in sight. Have a great day fam and remember the challenges that comes with the day isn’t the problem, it’s your attitude that is! Change your attitude and watch yourself overcome !

Sandals – Zara

Boots – Kurt Geiger

Published by nelo

Hey , I'm Nelo, a bit of an introvert, with a unique view of life, attracted to people with a strong sense of self, may not always agree with them but will always respect and admire individuality. I'm a millennial mom, love fashion, love to good on a budget and this space will be all about me, my style, my thoughts on trending topics and how I navigate my daily life as a full time mom. I hope you will enjoy coming on this journey with me by hitting that follow button.

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