THROWBACK – Overdressed Mum

Hello everyone, welcome to the new year, hope we are all good and still keeping to our resolutions, lol. Mine is to cut down on bread and try to eat more healthy generally, still struggling with that but never giving up, I have a bread addiction , lol. This picture is actually a throwback oneContinue reading “THROWBACK – Overdressed Mum”

Lesson learned from poop (Motherhood chronicles)

Hello there my lovely people, welcome back to my blog, I think for now I am going to be doing weekly updates on the blog, honestly I have so much content but no time to edit, write and post, life is moving mad and I just cant keep up. The other day, it was almostContinue reading “Lesson learned from poop (Motherhood chronicles)”


The village people are at it again but God pass devil! I am sorry I haven’t posted anything in a bit, I honestly don’t know what is wrong with this particular post but I swear I have spent three nights now writing and typing full pages of some deep chat on motherhood and every damnContinue reading “LAUGHS AND DETERMINATION”

Take That Plunge Today Sis

  “The next time you are too scared to launch your business because it is an over saturated market, walk down the bread aisle at any grocery store” – Olori Swank. I peeped this post on my girl @boyemeh stories on instagram and honestly it spoke to me, I am currently in the middle ofContinue reading “Take That Plunge Today Sis”

Four Ways to Wear A Vinyl Trench Coat

I picked up this coat recently from Asos and lets just say baby girl is obsessed with it currently, its definitely a statement maker so not for the faint hearts, you know when they say let your outfit do the talking, they were definitely talking about this one, I also feel like this coat isContinue reading “Four Ways to Wear A Vinyl Trench Coat”


These pair of tie die wide legged pants are denim, yassss! Denim, that’s what sold it to me, its are different, it’s unique, it’s almost look like “adire”, a tie die material made from cotton fabric, I spotted them at a thrift store and it was a no brainer, they had to come home withContinue reading “STYLING STATEMENT PANTS”

What I wore this Week/ Autumn Winter Outfit Ideas

Hello guys, hope you’re good, I watched a video today that reiterated something I have always known to me and I thought I’d share with you all, if someone does or say a thing that makes you uncomfortable, let them know, dont pretend it’s ok for peace to reign, trust me , the act orContinue reading “What I wore this Week/ Autumn Winter Outfit Ideas”