Double Denim

In my style book, double denim is a style cheat, it’s easy to throw in and you don’t have to thin about it, you can tuck it in, full tuck, half tuck, you can tuck it out or even where it as a jacket like I have done below and it will still come out great. Grab you one today. The one I have on is a recent one from HM. Got them in stores but you can also find them online.
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A little kindness

So today I want to talk about kindness and showing kindness whenever you can to people around you especially those for whom there is nothing to be gained from such acts of kindness. As a mom living here in the Uk, commuting with public transport is a huge part of my life as I don’t drive and have to do school runs every single day, unfortunately for us the school we chose for my daughter, we wanted her to go to a catholic primary school is a bit far from where we live.

I’m always struggling with my stroller, sometimes you’re standing at the bus stop, the bus comes and you already have two strollers/buggy in it and you have the option to

a. Fold it which is always a lot of hassle as I have to get my daughter out, take out things from the stroller, for some reason, I always have loads of things stashed on and under my buggy


b. Wait for the next bus , sometimes waiting for the next bus is not an option especially when I’m on school runs, punctuality is a must here.

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My stroller is a portable one so sometimes, depending on the types of strollers/buggies in the bus, we may be able to fit in three , which now brings me to bus drivers and acts of kindness, I think the regulation demands two buggies for one ride, but those laws are not sacrosanct, where there is space, three can fit in alright without breaking the law however some drivers are so mean, they will tell you they already have two and you are going to have to fold your stroller to get on their bus, even when you try to let them know yo can fit in your stroller alright, they would insist they will only allow two so you must fold your buggy or vamoose while some drivers are so kind, they will inform you they got two already but you can come in and check and see if you can fit in, now whenever I meet drivers like these , I’m always just so touched and so thankful and you know it literally just makes my day and i think to myself, you know, to show kindness to another, to be kind to another person really takes nothing from you but rather fills the recipient up with joy, they bless you , they bless the universe , they share the happiness they feel with someone else and you know the world is a better place, lol.

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OK now lets talk about this fit, its double leather, they are both from Zara and the boots are from TK Maxx, they are my new find for shoes, I cant remember how much exactly i spent on these shoes but believe me they were definitely under £20, they are beautiful, i love them so much and always gets tons of compliments on them

On Happiness and Kindness

Today on our way back from school , my daughter was gisting me what happened at school, she told me of a friend of hers at school who was sad and how she tried to cheer him up , to make him happy but failed and I went straight into woke female hood, I went it’s not your job to make anyone happy, and she replied I was trying to be kind, he was sad. I was floored, how do you even combat such a retort? Anyways I still went ahead and informed her , her job is put her own happiness first and again she replied but mum I’m not sad! At this point I gave up! We will try and have this conversation another day, in another context because honestly kindness trumps everything so long as your kindness is being appreciated and not taken for granted! Or what do you guys think/suggest?
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THROWBACK – Overdressed Mum

Hello everyone, welcome to the new year, hope we are all good and still keeping to our resolutions, lol. Mine is to cut down on bread and try to eat more healthy generally, still struggling with that but never giving up, I have a bread addiction , lol. This picture is actually a throwback one , found it in my draft and decided to upload it today seeing as it is a throwback Thursday anyways. I wore this to school runs the other day and one of the mum legit asked me where I was going to or coming from as I cant be this all dressed for just school runs, lmao. I replied her that I wasn’t going anywhere but she insisted I was lying that this slay cant be just for school runs, I laughed it off and let it slide. I guess I am that mum who dresses up for school runs, lol. I love to make up and dress up just for me and that it, PERIOD! Funny thing on this day, I didn’t even think I was dressed up, I had my hair packed in a bun, I didn’t even lay my edges or none of those things, I simply had on a mini dress and a cheap ass boots I got from ego shoes.

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Happy Holidays from Foo Foo Land

I’m still in hibernation fam but thought I’d raise my head a bit and come on here to wish you lot happy holidays . I’m in stupor, food and drink induced stupor aka Food land, I can’t imagine what my weight will be right now, I’m so scared to hop on that scale because I still wanna eat and enjoy my life and I know hopping on the scale will be such a rude awakening and ruin my appetite and I don’t want that honestly. After the first of January yeah, we will address the damages, I don’t care 😂.
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Lesson learned from poop (Motherhood chronicles)

Hello there my lovely people, welcome back to my blog, I think for now I am going to be doing weekly updates on the blog, honestly I have so much content but no time to edit, write and post, life is moving mad and I just cant keep up.

The other day, it was almost bedtime for the girls, they had had their bath, changed into their pajamas, I was going to get them downstairs to have their drinks (milk), a tradition we started with Nonye and now Zizi too cant do without it, they have their drinks, brush their teeth and its off to bed, when I heard that familiar foul smell, I was like Nooooo Zizi you didn’t , tell me you didn’t just poop, I was honestly not in the mood to clean up anybody’s poop , I just wanted to get them to bed and relax and do my own thing, like maybe edit a video for my YouTube.

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The village people are at it again but God pass devil! I am sorry I haven’t posted anything in a bit, I honestly don’t know what is wrong with this particular post but I swear I have spent three nights now writing and typing full pages of some deep chat on motherhood and every damn time, it doesn’t save and I end up loosing the whole damn thing, I cant find it anywhere, it just simply disappears, I don’t understand what is going on and in frustration, anger and exhaustion  as I only update my blog at the night  when the girls are sleeping coz then I can collect my thoughts better without any interference whatsoever. My edits are just not saving , I have no idea why, I am going to make sure I copy this edit before I hit the publish button this night because I honestly don’t know whats going to upload. I was going to chat about motherhood and the need to mind the way we address our children, to build them up, not tear them down but men that is going to have to be a topic for another day because I cant fit again tonight.

Today lets talk about never giving up! Take break, re strategize , draw up a new plan but do not quit especially if its something you are really passionate about, remember that quitters never win and winners never quit! 

I loved this picture of me and the girls, we got back from school runs the other day, I still had my filming lights out so I mount the camera and we snapped away, I like how the photos turned out and so I thought id share with you all, also Zizi and I are matching in our faux fur jacket, are we twinning or whaaaa?

PS – I know that today’s post is really all over the place but honestly after the disappointment and and frustration of loosing three well thought out and well articulated piece, I’m done! And I really needed to put up a post this week so please bear with me, I will still write that post on Black moms and the way we address our children because I witnessed something recently that disturbed my peace and I think its something that we need to address. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, appreciate you all xx

Faux fur coat – Thrifted

Jeans – m&s


“Ran into an old flame yesterday, caught me by surprise when he called my name, he was a familiar face from a chapter in my past …” I couldnt help but think about this song after the convo I overheard on the bus today.

I had just picked up my girl from school, we hailed the bus, got in and vroom my ears were filled with these ex couple convo , this guy had no filter, he must have ran into an old girlfriend, I dont know if he ran into her in the car or at a function, something told me it must have been at a function, he laid it it on the floor man, he told her he had missed her, never stopped thinking about her and even though he lives with his current girl and gives it to her every day and night like she wants it and enjoys it (I am not making this up fam, those were his exact words), he never stopped thinking about her, she was always on his mind yada yada yudu yudum, trust the babe now, she was elated, she gave that high pitched laugh girls give when they find a convo very exciting and confusing at the same time, I mean I dont think she missed him that much but you could tell that declaration from the dude made her feel good. At this point, I had to steal a glance at the couple, I had to , they were pouring their business in my ears, they weren’t trying to be discreet or anything. The dude was quite handsome and slim, the girl was pretty and fat, it was quick cursory glance so I cant really go deep into describing their features but they are young probably in their early to mid twenties.

The guy asked the girl if she ever thought about him, if she missed him? With a straight face and a bland voice, she said “nope” He sounded crushed hehehe, he called her a liar lmao, then asked her if she ever loved him because you know what they say about Love and how it never goes away, the girl didn’t answer, I suspect she was the one that ended things with him but probably did it in a way that made it seem like it was his behavior or something he did that made her leave.

We got to my bus stop and I got off but I couldn’t stop thinking about the couple, about how quick and willing the guy was to go down memory lane and how reluctant the girl was , the dude seemed like a no good smooth talker in my opinion, I really hope she doesn’t think about or even attempt to reignite anything with the loud dude, something tells me it will only end up in doom once again.

Take That Plunge Today Sis


“The next time you are too scared to launch your business because it is an over saturated market, walk down the bread aisle at any grocery store” – Olori Swank. I peeped this post on my girl @boyemeh stories on instagram and honestly it spoke to me, I am currently in the middle of launching my own clothing label and I swear I am having cold feet, I am thinking oh but this industry is already saturated, almost everyone is doing this now even though I know that I got mad passion for this and the talent to do this, I am still mega scared even though Imma still go ahead and do this , this has been my dream for some time now.

One saying that always goes through mind and always fuels me to pursue my passion and ventures is this – “Oh but what if I fall? ” “Oh but what if you fly?” You just would never know until you try and the worst thing that can happen to anyone is to live a life of regrets,  a life of what ifs? I know I don’t want that life for me and I hope you do not want that for yourself also.

The year is about to end, take that plunge sis, dive in head, shoulder, total body and even if you fail, you will learn your lessons and try again  twice wiser ayee!

I am wearing –

Coat – Mango , perspex heels – Public desire via Asos, Jean Trouser – Zara, Neon top – Collusion via Asos.

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Four Ways to Wear A Vinyl Trench Coat

I picked up this coat recently from Asos and lets just say baby girl is obsessed with it currently, its definitely a statement maker so not for the faint hearts, you know when they say let your outfit do the talking, they were definitely talking about this one, I also feel like this coat is one of those outfits that you definitely need a personality to pull of, I have styled it in four different ways here, with jeans obviously, lol, with a midi skirt and with a mini skirt, let me know which styling was your favourite.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope the styles inspire you.

Red coat of dreams –

Red over the knees boots –